Signs You Are A Good Writer

Written By: Melissa Calvert

Posted on: October 6, 2019

Every writer has a gift of weaving a story and captures the essence of ideas into sentences with the written word medium. It doesn’t matter if you seem to be distracted from the surrounding; you know the only thing matter to you is to finish your last chapter or the piece of your content with authentic referencing and bibliography.
Below are 20 easy to spot signs that can be self-identified to tag the breed called Good Writers.

You love to read

If you like your devour book as meals, and you read your kindle in your supermarket queue, and you often miss your subway, bus or stop because you were so engrossed in reading without even giving a damn to everything. Then that’s a healthy reading habit. That leads to a good writing habit. Being a reader is essential to express your thoughts correctly.

Book stores is your favorite place

Just like a toy shop is to a kid, a bookshop has the same feeling for you. You enjoy being there. You love the art blurbs of book covers, sniff the freshness of papers, and the tantalizing pleasure comes to your mind. That not bad to fall in love with them.


No one is that kind of weird but in a non-crazy way. If you talk to yourself along with muttering under your breath, it’s a sign. Mumbling is a healthy gesture to confirm that you can capture your ideas. You just don’t write, and you rehearse it to perfection. If you are alone talking to yourself, it is an excellent way for thought processing, and you can translate them on paper efficiently.

Ideas written

If you carry a pen and diary everywhere or have a notebook dedicated to ideas on your phone, congratulations! Write them down as soon as you get them. They are an essential part of your thought processing. If you are slightly obsessed, it’s perfectly fine.

Understanding perspective for stories

You just don’t watch movies or series, and you actually try to understand how they work. Then you get to know and feel how to write in an efficient way to get and retain the attention of your readers. You may like to experiment it with friends and family, and that’s a healthy sign.

Headspace needed

Reading and writing can occupy you with saturation. Hence, you need to drain out all of those thoughts and need to recharge. Your chosen sport or workout is the best for fitness; however, we know that you are not a fitness freak; you just need an empty slot to get back to the movement with freshness. This helps you to connect yourself and energize.

Love to collect books and notebooks

Notebook and book collection is like an addiction. Factually, a beautiful notebook makes writing easier; hence, to make your writing joyful, get the best you can.

It’s your way

If your books are filled with post-it notes, dog eared pages and highlighted sentences; the point is for you. Despite of respecting and loving books, you like to make them filled.

Read everything

If we are saying everything, then we are not just talking about every book on your shelf, phone and in the library. You love to read the description on goods boxes, every ingredient on food container and even the headlines and glossaries. If you just can’t help yourself, it’s not OCD; it’s a sign.

A grammar NAZI

You correct every grammatical mistake even in slang texts of your peers. You can get the errors at all. It’s not such a bad thing to say; however, it is good to keep it to yourself.

A word-nerd

Just like being a grammatical Nazi, if you an aversion of incorrectly placed or misused words, word nerd is the preferred tag for you.

Things to-do listing

It’s not a kind of OCD; it helps you to plan and focus tasks on priorities. It makes you relax when you write and plan things to do. A structured day is better for your senses to keep going.

Silent mode phones

For you, interruptions are not welcomed at all. You talk to someone with your own mood, and you always make an appointment on your own terms. Also, you prefer emails and messages over calls. Why not, everything is better in writing.

Midnight trolls

If rare for you to wake up in the middle of the night and you just write it down in your notebook beside your pillow. The connection you need to explore tomorrow may not get you to sleep peacefully; hence, just write it down and get back t sleep instead of bursting out the laptop at 3 am.

Immune to reviews

Seriously, who can actually draft a scathing reply and spent over night just to nullify a bad review. The reason is, you don’t even read them.

Even good reviews

As you don’t read reviews, good ones don’t matter to you as well? Actually, they do. You can send back an acknowledgement with thank you card to those who are really special and appreciated your work.

WHY instead of HOW

You love to ask for WHY instead of HOW. And if you can’t get the answer, you research and read, you see patterns and ideas start to connect to make sense.

Being anti-social

You often are an anti-social by getting into phone always with everyone. You can quickly get down a thousand words between the meals and meet ups.

Anywhere anytime

If an idea comes to your mind, you don’t need a mood or flow, or even a particular environment to write it down. Your smartphone notes and your old fashioned diary are your best pals.


Inspire and get inspired suits you well enough. A tree, coffee shop, an older man, a line in the song, or a kid playing in the park; you find inspiration from everywhere without looking for it.


There is always something magical that brings you just to make yourself away from the rest of the world and write down your thoughts, ideas and feeling without fear. You only pay attention to the thing that is most important at that time, your writing. And that what makes a writer so special.