FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

AccurateCite.com is the online tool, help to write reference/bibliography in the desired style. Here, one question usually asked by students that why do we need to take care of citation style while writing. Before addressing this query and lot more, it is necessary to know what is meant by citation style and why it is required.

What is Citation Style?

Every person has his patterns in every walk of life. For example, the tone of delivering a speech, style of talking, the design of writing, even trend of thinking as well. People possess common characteristics in some acts while different in others. In fact, animals also have respective modes and styles.

Citation style is the approach to show the various details of the source. It is proof of an author’s effort. Furthermore, the composer credits the work of the guy who’s written job is being used.

Q1: How many ways of citation are there?

There are two methods of referencing a research paper, i.e., in-text and bibliography.

Q2: How in-text referencing can be achieved?

It is the summary of full reference entry that must be shown within the research paper, essay or assignment. It might be the clue of extended source mention in the bibliography section.

Q3: What is the bibliography section?

It is entirely a separate section visualizing the only list of references and sources. Each entry of citation contains various information such as author name, a title of the document/book, year of publication, URL from where others can view the same, etc.

Q4: Why citation is necessary?

It is essential to show the originality of written thesis or assignment by providing its sources. So when a writer copies a quotation, any law or a concept, these citations give support.

Q5: How bibliography saves me from plagiarism?

When content has been written, it is obvious that you will duplicate the thoughts of other personalities. Copying material of some other person is known as plagiarism. If the examiner knows about this duplication, he/she will devalue the quality of your write up assuming that you have plagiarized the content. And if you are a student, your mentor will deduct your marks.

When you provide the source from where it has been copied, then it is not considered as plagiarism because you have credited the original author.

Q6: When Use It?

A citation is required for two reasons. One is for copying quotation of any personality. If the writer paraphrased it, he/she might lose the point of view. Therefore, it is preferred to copy the sayings as it is and reference the origin.

Another purpose of citing is to increase the value of the concept; an author is trying to deliver. If it is endorsed with the reference of remarkable personality, book or website, the reader gave value to it. That’s why whoever is writing a novel, book, essay, thesis, research paper, presentation have to cite the primary resource.

Q7: What profit does the original source get?

There are numerous profits given to the actual stuff.

  • Actual source get famous
  • Increase reliability
  • People talk more about the certain perception
  • Credit the primary resource

Q8: Paraphrase or citation, which one is appropriate & beneficial?

There is no set rule of prioritizing between rephrasing and citation. If the composer wishes to deliver the quotation, rephrasing it will be a bad idea because rewording may change the point of view. This issue is not sticking with quote only. It may apply to copy the scientific law, the part of speech of celebrity, broadcasting news, etc. If the change of words will not reshape the meaning, then paraphrase is a more appropriate method.

Q9: What citation styles covered by AccurateCite.com?

AccurateCite.com will help you in generating bibliography styles for MLA, APA, CHICAGO, HARVARD, and OXFORD.

Q10: What is MLA style?

It is the abbreviation of the Modern Language Association. It is usually demanded when the topic is related to language and literature. In the bibliography section, the list of citation has been arranged alphabetically regardless of which reference appeared first in the text and which one discussed at last.

Q11: What is APA style?

In 1929, a group of businessman and psychologist tried to create an easy rule to read and understand the reference. The group named themselves as American Psychological Association.

Q12: What is CHICAGO style?

Chicago style is established and printed in 1906 by Chicago University. The rule includes the grammar and punctuation in American English format. This format is preferred for humanities, literature, arts and history subjects. Chicago citation shows the reference in the pattern of notes and bibliographic style.

Q13: What is HARVARD style?

Students of university generally adopt HARVARD referencing style.

Q14: What is OXFORD style?

OXFORD: In this method, allot a number for the area you wish to cite. This number will be visible in superscript format. Furthermore, the detailed information of reference will be shown at the bottom of the page mentioning the same initial. So, that reader can easily connect the citation with the place that is cited via this number.